About Us

Located in the heart of La Bonanova at the former Institute Dexeus, ANSELMO® is a Healthcare Hub that provides services focused on the wellbeing of its clients and patients.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of our clients and patients promoting health and wellbeing in every bond we establish.

Our Vision

To become an international benchmark for mental healthcare and wellbeing.

Our Values

Warmth, Customer Centricity, Effectiveness, Confidentiality and Commitment.

Social Responsibility

We reach out to different communities offering psychological support online or in-person, trough various programs:

Psychological support for migrants.
Solidarity Program
Healthcare assistance at a reduced rate.
Psychological First Aids
Inspired in the model of Johns Hopkins University.
Psicoxarxa Solidària
An alliance with the Official Psychology College in Barcelona.
Driven by passion we design custom made solutions for each patient.

Warm healthcare professionals


Healthy minds in healthy companies

We are here

Passeig de La Bonanova, 69, 08017.
Barcelona, España

From 10:00 to 20:00 by appointment


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