We offer accompaniment that prevents and solves psychological difficulties and enhances organizational strengths that impact the wellbeing and performance of your people, creating more productive companies.

We are a strategic business partner with vast experience in the Health and Corporate worlds and focus on clients that want to make a difference by tackling the overall wellbeing of their people. We specialize in Wellness and Organizational Resilience conceived by modules to satisfy the real needs of our clients. Our services are inspired in Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities programs.

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Our Services:

  • Support in the design and execution of corporate strategies and health Programs for your personnel.
  • Training sessions for individual contributors and managers, focusing on improving quality of life and productivity.
  • Coaching and Mentoring sessions for C-levels and managers.
  • Psychological First Aids to manage complex situations within the teams.
  • Wellness Programs, with a comprehensive health approach.
  • Building Organizational Resilience to develop individual and group resilience.
  • Psychological Support Program for Employees.

We specialize in the development of Wellness and Health Programs created by modules that include stress management, motivation, anxiety, resilience, self-confidence, depression and pandemic fatigue, among others.

We provide our services in Spanish, Italian and English to enhance the bond with our clients.

Driven by passion we design custom made solutions for each patient.

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Barcelona, España

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